Cindy Drozda - Safety Tips!

Safety First

1 - Eye Protection

Should be worn whenever machines are running! You are only given one pair of eyes…. This is the only rule that should NEVER be

broken! No excuses will restore your sight if you are blinded!

2 – Hands Off 

The spinning workpiece. Fingers can get caught between the toolrest and the spinning work. Not worth the risk!

3 – Stop the Lathe

Before making any adjustments to the tool rest, tailstock, etc. Just good sense. Fingers can be caught in dangerous places, and/or you

could easily lose that piece that you spent hours working on.

4 – Loose clothing and/or jewelry

….are a bad idea around any power equipment.

5 – Listen

For any unusual sounds. It might mean the workpiece is about to fly apart, or the machine is damaged. Be aware of your surroundings!

The Woodturners Check List

1 – Fixing

….the workpiece to the lathe.  – Check if Secure - 

2 – Toolrest

Standard toolrest height is about ” below center. Adjust the toolrest for comfort and personal preference. – Clear -

3 – Speed

Generally, higher turning speeds give smoother easier cuts. – But - If there is excessive vibration, or if you’re not comfortable, slow the machine down. – Check before turning machine on –

5 – Sharp

The cleanest cuts start with sharp tools. Develop a sharpening system that gives you consistent results and sharpen often. If the cut is not happening like you think it should, the tool is probably dull. 

4 – Grain

Be aware of the grain direction in the workpiece. Grain direction affects design and technique decisions.

6 – Technique

Choose the correct type of cut for the job. The easiest cuts have the cutting edge presented to the side grain (rather than the endgrain).

Precise technique makes crisp, precise turnings.  

7 – Stance

Start in a position to finish comfortable. Weight should be evenly distributed over both feet. Shift body weight to move the tool through the cut.

July 2009

East Waterdown man fatally injured

By Catherine O'Hara


An east Waterdown man was pronounced dead at his Waterdown home on Monday after he was fatally injured by a piece of wood.

According to Hamilton Emergency Service – Fire information officer, Bob Simpson, local fire and ambulance crews rushed to Fellows Crescent at approximately 1:10 p.m. for a medical call.

Upon arrival, emergency services personnel discovered a man with no vital signs. “They used the life pack on him, but unfortunately he was pronounced on the scene by paramedics,” said Simpson.

The information officer told the Review that the Waterdown man was operating a lathe when a piece of wood broke off. The local resident suffered a fatal blow to the head.