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  The Pembroke Woodturners Guild was formed April 9, 2002 with nineteen founding members. The Guild's mission is to promote the art, craft and enjoyment of woodturning to all that are interested. The members do this through the sharing of information related to the craft of woodturning at our regular monthly meetings and other events.

Each monthly meeting consists of three segments: a brief business discussion, a “Show & Tell” period and the monthly program.

All meetings will begin with a brief business discussion related to the day to day operations of the Guild and the regulation of the Guild through its officers and membership.

Show & Tell is a very important segment of the Guild's activities as it encourages its members to bring in items that they have turned or other related items to display at the meeting and then to explain about their item as it relates to the craft. This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to share with the group.

The monthly program will be one of the major highlights of each meeting. Programs will consist of demonstrations or programs related to woodturning provided by Guild members or from other outside sources. The monthly program is the responsibility of the Guild's Vice President and his appointed committee.

The Guild will also hold a monthly "work shop" meeting whereby Guild members will have access to the tools and machinery to have a hands on approach to learning more about woodturning. This the time when the Guild's more knowledgeable members can share their experience by teaching others.

The Guild may also participate from time to time in local area public and private woodturning, woodworking and other related events.

The Guild from time to time may hold major events such as sponsoring a nationally and/or internationally known woodturner for a local demonstration and/or workshop event. These events will be open to the Guild's membership and the general public.

All of the above Guild's activities are designed to promote the craft of woodturning and interest from the general public. These functions will also create our future through new memberships.

Yearly membership dues are $20.00.

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays at the Pembroke High School.

Seminars are held to teach the craft. Visit the “Schedule” page to see what’s going on!

The club promotes commodory by hosting various get-togethers such as the Christmas party and a summer picnic. They also participate in community service and major fund-raising occasions. You can see our members at the Pembroke Brickhouse Corner’s Fair or at Erie County Fair in the woodturning building.

If you are interested in joining the Guild, please contact:
   Guild Officers:
President - Brian Effinger
Vice President - Bill Meier
Secretary - David E. Day
Treasurer - Tom Yaiko
Librarian - Mark Williams
Webmaster - Jim Meier
School Liason - Tony DiGuilio
   Pembroke High School Location:

The high school is located on the corners of Rt. 5 and Rt. 77 in Corfu New York.

Main routes connecting to Rt. 77 are: Rts. 5, 33 and the I-90.

To shop classroom: Enter main school doors. Straight down hallway, turn right at second right hallway. Shop doors on left.